Olin Corp. employees vote down new contract amid relocation talks

6:03 PM, Oct 19, 2010   |    comments
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East Alton, IL (KSDK) -- East Alton's second largest employer, Olin Corporation, is talking about moving more than 900 jobs to Oxford, Mississippi.

And still, union employees voted down a new contract Sunday which would have meant keeping their jobs for another contract term.

On Tuesday, the union rep said there's been no communication between Olin and the union since the vote, and workers are waiting to see what's next.

It's no secret the Winchester Division is considering moving its Centerfire ammunition manufacturing operation. But workers say they voted down the contract because the company was asking for too many concessions including cutting their pay.

"They think they're going to move anyway, general things like that. They didn't like taking the cuts that they was going to give us," said Kent Unterbrink, Olin employee.

After the contract vote on Sunday, the Olin Corporation Spokesperson told the Belleville News Democrat that the company will announce a final decision shortly regarding contract negotiations and the potential move.


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