Warren County Officials Check for Seepage in Dam

8:05 PM, May 27, 2008   |    comments
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(KSDK) -- Fire departments from around Warren County converged on Innsbrook Tuesday afternoon as county officials inspected the Alpine Dam for seepage, only to realize a busted pipe was causing the problem. Innsbrook is located about 56 miles west of St. Louis, less than a mile north of Aspen Lake. Alpine Lake is two miles to the west of Innsbrook. The Alpine Dam is an earthen barrier separating the lake and communities along Alpine Lake Drive. Ron James, Vice President of the Innsbrook Resort, said the primary spillway pipe had broken, forcing authorities to divert water to the secondary spillway. As a result of the pipe damage, anywhere from 300 to 400 gallons of water came pouring into the valley per minute. James said the secondary spillway could handle as much water as necessary until the primary pipe was repaired. He gave no estimate on repair time. Officials said mandatory evacuation had not been issued and that a dam collapse was not imminent. Innsbrook released an official statement, reiterating most of what James had said earlier: "The overflow pipe that is used to adjust the lake level on Alpine Dam has broken, and we have plugged the intake. "We are currently redirecting water over the secondary spillway while we make repairs to the overflow pipe. "The secondary spillway was built just for these situations. "The secondary spillway is the large spillway on the west side of the dam where the boat ramp is. "The core of the dam is unaffected. The strength of the dam has not been compromised." Residents south of the dam should stay on heightened alert in the meantime. If the dam were to give way, residents downstream of the dam must be ready to move to higher ground. NewsChannel 5 will have more information on this story as details become available.


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