Webster Elementary student helps choking friend

10:57 PM, Mar 16, 2012   |    comments
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Collinsville, IL (KSDK)- It's a tale of two friends.

"I like him because he is fast, he is funny, he's crazy," said Austin Roberts, a 4th grader at Webster Elementary School in Collinsville.

Ten year old Roberts and 11 year old Jordan Durbin have a short but, close friendship.

"We've been friends for a year and a few months and we have been through some funny stuff," said Roberts.

They met when Jordan transferred to Webster Elementary in the third grade.

"We call each other brothers because one we both wear glasses, two we are really close friends, and three we are a lot alike," said Durbin.

Roberts and Durbin always eat lunch together at the same table. It was there, a few weeks ago, Roberts noticed something was wrong with Durbin.

"His face was red, dark red," said Roberts.

"I couldn't breathe and I thought I was done for and it was over and I was ready to say goodbye," said Durbin.

Roberts realized his best friend was choking on a corn dog so he sprung into action. He did the Heimlich maneuver three times.

"He saved my life and the corn dog went right back out on my tray," said Durbin.

"It was gross but I didn't say 'ew.' I just knew I did the right thing," said Roberts.

It turns out Roberts knew what to do because of a poster and long lunch lines.

"Whenever the line is from here to here I just stand here and read this poster. I just stare at it for a while. It's the same routine. I do it every day," said Roberts.

Durbin says he is thankful Roberts always reads the poster.

"I don't' know if he didn't read that poster what would have happened," said Durbin.

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