Harrisburg, Illinois braces for more severe weather

7:54 AM, Mar 2, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Harrisburg braces for more severe weather

Harrisburg, Illinois storm damage (Courtesy: Twitter user @freewheelburnin)

By Casey Nolen

Harrisburg, IL (KSDK) - In Harrisburg, Illinois the last thing they need is more bad weather. But that's exactly what they're bracing for on Friday, less than two days after an EF-4 tornado tore through the town, killing six.

The day after the storm gave many in Harrisburg their first chance to survey what is hard to comprehend.

On Thursday, Linda Ayotte and her family searched for anything to salvage from her sister's home.

The tornado knocked her sister unconscious. It knocked her house off its foundation. Linda's sister and her husband both ended up with broken bones when they were pinned under the bathtub.

"They're alive. I don't care about anything else. They are alive," said Linda.

The clean-up barely underway, worries once again turned to the weather.

"I hope that Harrisburg doesn't have to go through another disaster like we're going through now," she said.

With severe weather in the forecast, people here tried to cover-up and haul away anything worth saving.

Now in a hotel, Paula Peters' mother survived the tornado at home, alone. For her, another storm brings more than just the threat of more physical damage.

"I'm afraid tonight for my mom. I'm afraid that what she was feeling the other night, and then being in that hotel with no basement, I'm afraid for her, the fear for her," said Paula.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore says the next round of strong winds will find ammunition scattered all over Harrisburg.

"Some of these outlying areas where there are still 2x4s laying around, or plywood, that's going to go airborne and that absolutely is a danger whether you get a tornado or not," he said.


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