Stephanie Robinette sprays Ohio police officers with breast milk

8:48 PM, Aug 1, 2011   |    comments
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Delaware, OH (CNN) - A former teacher was arrested under bizarre circumstances. She is accused of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk when they responded to a domestic dispute call from her husband.

The Stephanie Robinette that left the municipal courthouse in Delaware Monday seems like a different woman than the one sheriff's deputies had to pull from her car at a wedding on June 25th. Cruiser's caught the moments after Robinette sprayed deputies with breast milk, and then refused to get out of the car.

Another camera was rolling when Robinette, now cuffed, tried to kick her way out of the backseat of a cruiser.

"Listen to me. You damage this car and you will be charged for it, okay?" the deputy who arrested Robinette said.

Deputies also warned Robinette that the cameras were watching.

"Just so you know that all this is on recording, okay?" the deputy told her.

"Record it all! Record it all," Robinette yelled back.

A few minutes later Robinette passed out in the backseat of the cruiser.

Her attorney says alcohol was the driving factor behind the whole ordeal, and tells CNN Robinette is getting treatment. The incident has cost her the job she had as a teacher, and at the very least, disrupted her marriage.

Her husband, who was in court Monday sitting next to the prosecutor, told the judge Robinette's problems stretch beyond drinking too much.

"I don't know that alcohol is my wife's problem. I'm no doctor so the doctors will have to determine that," he said.

The judge agreed, and ordered Robinette to undergo anger management classes. He told her he hopes to never see her in his courtroom again.

Robinette will not spend time in jail, but she was ordered to pay a $200 fine and sentenced to two years of probation.


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