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1:55 PM, May 26, 2011   |    comments
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If you've eaten the bratwurst at Grant's Farm or tried the bratwurst Pretzel Sandwich at Gus's Pretzels, you've tasted this man's recipe passed down now for three generations. Bob Wanninge said, "My grandfather had a butcher shop in Germany and my dad came over with my uncle and started it over here and me and my cousin kept it going since then."

It's been nonstop for G & W sausage ever since they opened in St. Louis. Today they're busy making bratwurst for Grant's Farm. "Our fathers have added some more seasoning to it to make it exclusive for Grant's Farm."

With backyard barbeques in full swing, it seems everyone wants a piece of their bratwurst. "We'll go through a couple thousand pounds just this weekend."

After it's stuffed, they link the bratwurst the same way grandpa did. "This is definitely the old fashioned way. We don't use an automatic linker for our fresh product, we just do it by hand."

In fact, G &W sausage does a lot of things the old fashioned way. "This is our old fashioned smoke house we still use natural smoke on. We cook a lot of our bratwurst and summer sausages smoked liverwurst beef jerkey in this type of smoker."

You can purchase their bratwurst uncooked or smoked at their store on Parker Avenue in South St. Louis. "You can see our variety of brats, smoked, and cooked items with all the different flavors and then we also have a variety of the fresh products with our Grant's farm being our most popular item," said Gerhard Wanninger. 

And if you dont know what to choose, they're offering a deal just for our viewers called G&W's Show Me St. Louis Sampler. "That will feature 6 different items in the package that will give you a variety of items to see which ones you may like more than the other. The pack weighs 3.5 pounds its an $18 value."

But from May 26th-28th, the G&W Show Me St. Louis Sampler will only cost you $9.99. A great deal from a company that makes sausage the way grandpa intended. "The one thing to remember around here is you can't beat G & W meat."

G & W Meat is located at 4828 Parker Avenue in Saint Louis. Their phone number is 314-352-5066. Their website is www.gwsausage.com. Ask for the G & W Show Me St. Louis Sampler by name to get it for only $9.99. It's not valid with any other discount or coupon.







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