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"I bought it, I tried it, and I love it," said a customer. And that is the reaction most people have after using a skin care product created by this Wildwood dermatologist. "Unbelievable, the response we've had with the product. It's been amazing in that people who use it one time are just so in love with the product that they tell their friends. And it's become like a domino effect. More and more people across the country have fallen in love with the product."

That product is called Azfasst. It's oil-free and designed to provide clearer, smoother, softer skin. "I like that people have commented on my face, that I look so much younger," said a customer.

Azfasst can help with a variety of skin problems. Let's start with Debra Young, who uses it for rosacea. "It really helps to calm when I have the flare-ups. It takes about 2 days but it calms it right back down."

Christina Abel uses Azfasst to prevent breakouts. "I hate to say when I was a teenager, I had better skin than what I have now, as far as breakouts. And I think most of my friends would agree with that. So for me, it has helped to prevent a lot of the breakouts which is kind of annoying to get at this age. With warmer weather coming up it helps with it not be so shiny and oily as well."

Amy Grosse uses it to for sun damaged skin. "Having been a sun worshipper and leading an outdoor lifestyle...what it does is it helps with the discoloration, the sun spots."

And it's all thanks to 3 unique ingredients. "The first one is the green tea and that helps to minimize redness, help with skin irritation, also shown to help with sun damaged skin, fine lines, sun spots. Also contains lactic acid. Helps to exfoliate, helps to sloff off dead skin cells, so your skin look brighter and fresher and more refreshed. And last ingredient, salicylic acid, helps to minimize your pore size, decrease oil, and it gives your face more of a glow," said Dr. Anne Riordan.

Just dab a little bit of the gel on your face after you wash and before you moisturize. One bottle costs under 20 dollars and can last 3-6 months. A customer said, "The price of the Azfasst is just amazing. I keep telling her she should charge more."

To purchase, visit or call 866.951.2710 or pick up in person at Wildwood Dermatology, at 16516 Manchester Road.

Dr. Anne Riordan is currently offering a free shipping promotion so if you purchase Azfasst online, use promo code KSDK.









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