BackStoppers fundraiser for fallen police officer's family

10:17 PM, Apr 1, 2010   |    comments
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By Kathleen Berger

KSDK -- Fundraisers were held Thursday in honor of St. Louis Police Officer David Haynes, who died in the line of duty last week. On Park Street in Lafayette Square, the street was packed with people, food, and drink; and the company cannot be beat.

"It's very overwhelming, just the support we had through this whole thing," said Lt. Vonda Rushing, Hayne's supervisor. "The funeral, we had people from every jurisdiction at the funeral. So the support has been just outstanding."

Haynes was killed in a car crash chasing a burglary suspect just last week. And now the owners of Lafayette Fire Company No. 1 wanted to help remember Haynes. It's owned by a group of 27 fire fighters and paramedics, including Shawn Brittle.

"I think the Haynes family will have a place here in St. Louis and I have no doubt, if they ever need anything, we'll be here for them," said Brittle.

That's why all the proceeds from the block party, raffle and auction went to BackStoppers, the organization that gives money and support to families of fallen police officers and firefighters.

"I have no words for this. It's more than I expected," said Haynes' friend and fellow officer, Jessia Meyer.

Officer Meyer graduated from the police academy with Haynes in January 2009. She said his wife, Stephanie, came to the event with her parents, but did not want to talk to the media.

"I want them to see all the people here, and whether or not they know them I want them to know they're all loved, and it's a big family," Meyer said.

Lt. Rushing has talked directly with the family.

"They're speechless. They've been speechless all week, just from the outpouring of support from all agencies," Rushing said.


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